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24 October 2022

Your customer deserves more!

This is how you make a difference in today's competitive market!

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You deliver a product or service to your customer that involves all kinds of administration, communication and follow-up. Often there is also a need for structure and overview and some form of interaction with the customer and other parties involved.

We notice that many companies invest in optimizing their internal processes by, for example, implementing CRM systems and ERP systems. Interaction with the end customer is often no top priority. People quickly resort to manually sending emails and attachments, which is usually not the best approach.

I will give a few examples below with a focus on the experience for your customer: you want your customer to feel good about your product or service and that you leave a professional impression. This is how you make a difference in today's competitive market!

Example 1: you are a project developer

Your customer buys a new-build apartment from you:

  • your customer wants an overview of the general planning, preferably the most current and also likes a message if the planning changes

  • your customer has to make all kinds of choices with different contractors and suppliers

  • your customer wants an overview of the already paid and still to be paid invoices

  • ….

Example 2: you are a fleet manager

The electrification of your fleet is in full swing and you must guide staff members in choosing an electric company car and installing a charging station at the employee's home.

For this:

  • the employee must choose a car from the list in accordance with the car policy

  • the employee must provide the data of the electrical installation of his house in preparation for the installation of the charging station

  • the leasing company must process the order

  • the installer of the charging station must be scheduled

  • the employee must be kept informed of the delivery date of the vehicle and the date of installation of the charging station

  • ….

Example 3: you are a training organisation

You have students who follow courses with you and teachers who give courses. Every time you schedule a new training, then:

  • every student and teacher must be informed of the planning and location of the training, even if it changes afterwards

  • every student must receive the preparatory exercises and possibly make them online

  • every student must be able to consult the teaching material, even after the course has been completed

  • every teacher should make an assessment of every student

A web application helps

We have already helped various SMEs and corporates to develop their personalized digital customer experience, for example: Engie, Voka, NN, GSJ, Tweetakt, Vleva, Hebic, University of Antwerp, Wolvenberg, River Cleanup.

It is always a safe, scalable and high-performance application without license costs and without user limits.

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