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7 February 2024

Developing an application: costs and returns

Having a custom web application developed is always a significant expense. However, that cost is an investment that can pay for itself.

web application development

pay for itself

Having a custom web application developed is always a significant expense (>20k).

However, that cost is an investment that can pay for itself.

In the digitalization of business processes and digital transformation processes, the development of web applications is very present for many companies.

For some it seems like a heavy expense, while others see the opportunities and benefits and view it as an investment that can pay for itself.

ROI = Return Of Investment

How can web applications make a positive contribution so that you can recoup your investment in the shortest possible time?

Improve your efficiency and productivity

A well-developed application significantly improves the efficiency and productivity of your company. It can automate repetitive tasks, centralize data, transfer data to other systems, standardize processes and simplify/streamline workflows

This means that you can do more work in less time with the same team or continue to do the same work with a smaller team by using the web application. This results in cost savings and higher returns.

Better customer service, higher customer satisfaction

Applications can also improve customer service and satisfaction.

You can provide customers with

  • access to self-service portals
  • useful tools, configurators
  • real-time communication channels
  • they can quickly get answers to their questions and problems

This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can translate into additional sales and positive recommendations to new customers.

This is how you can make a difference in today's competitive market!

One of the most important advantages of a web application is that you have the power and decision in your own hands to quickly adapt to the market and scale if opportunities arise.


(faster) Grow without extra costs

As previously explained, an application can automate many administrative tasks, making it possible to grow, move more volume, and even tap into new markets or customer segments, without having to immediately recruit many additional workers.

This can quickly generate larger or new revenue streams.

Reporting, data and insights

Web applications can generate valuable data and insights. By tracking user behavior and interactions, you can discover interesting trends and patterns that can help you make strategic decisions.

You can also use this data to develop personalized marketing campaigns.

Through reporting you can also measure what feature is most popular with your customer.

This helps you offer services and products that are relevant and match your customer's interests.

"Applications in your company? The question is not if, but when."


Grow your business

Developing web applications has an initial cost, but it is important to consider the long-term benefits.

A well-designed and well-maintained web application can pay for itself many times over through cost savings, growth opportunities, sales profit 
and improved customer service!