Information and communication platform as a bridge between Europe and Flanders


Thematic, rich content website with personalised daily digest update e-mails

Receive personalized updates on your favorite EU themes. Choose which messages you receive and when.


  • perfectly tailor-made information to a VLEVA member about European policy or subsidies

  • automate sending out content update emails based on each member's preferences

  • simple and flexible content management

  • migration of content (6000 pages) and members with their preferences

we developed

  • a flexible, license-free CMS to manage the thematic content-driven website

  • a content preference center for each member with communication preferences of content type, theme and interval

  • an API connection between the website and the mailing platform with transactional, personalized content from the CMS in the emails

  • an event registration module with built-in evaluation system

Europe is more present than ever and that is why Flanders must be closely involved in European policy.

  • Sevendays helped translate that exercise into a content hub.

  • We developed a digital platform on which all VLEVA members can easily set their preferences for the nine main themes surrounding European policy, subsidy programs or events.

  • Because we noticed that a password login was too much of a barrier, we looked for a safe, easy and accessible way for users to manage their preferences.

Smart combination of existing tools and customization

We always try to use the available budget wisely and only provide customization where necessary.

Together with the customer we looked for a feasible technical approach. For that reason we chose to use:

  • Filament (a powerful Laravel package) can be used as a management tool and CMS

  • Campaign Monitor: an email marketing and automation tool with a simple and powerful drag-and-drop email builder for custom mailings on the one hand and sending personalized, automated transactional emails on the other hand.

Sevendays, a sustainable partner of VLEVA

Did you know that Sevendays has been actively contributing to the digital story of VLEVA for many years?

We were able to build our first platform in 2018, which included an extensive content migration of 9.200 pages and more than 10.000 users.

As a result, we have often been able to contribute to the further expansion of the platform and build an improved, secure version of the previous platform in 2024.

Powerful integration and management environment

  • VLEVA members subscribe and choose their communication preferences on the VLEVA platform itself.

  • The platform is equipped with a powerful API, which allows us to pass all data to the email marketing platform and send transactional daily or weekly personalized (digest) emails.

  • The management environment is tailor-made so that a VLEVA webmaster can work in an environment where he or she feels completely at home, in terms of terminology and process.

  • A VLEVA webmaster can manage all content flexibly with building blocks, monitor who is registered for events and consult evaluations.

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