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4 November 2022

Your own customer portal (web application) in 5 steps

Ready to take matters into your own hands and go for your own customer portal?

sevendays web applicatie intro

Step 1: design

Your application is fully personalized so that it has a familiar, professional and unique appearance for you and your customer. We do this by applying your corporate identity, logo, colors and font. You can create even more atmosphere by working with photos.

Step 2: Terminology

In your customer portal, your own wording, naming and logic are used in the navigation, forms and all kinds of displays.

If your product or service refers to a customer and his files or a student who is following training or a sales manager who handles various leads, then those terms are effectively applied in your web application so that everything is crystal clear for you and everyone involved.

sevendays web applicatie form

Step 3: access rights

You decide who and in what qualification has access to your customer portal or web application. The information that can be consulted or edited is stored in rights associated with a specific user role. You have all control and data in your own hands.

You can give an unlimited number of people access without additional license costs.

Step 4: connection with your other systems

If you use other SAAS platforms, we can connect to them. In this way you can bring together data from different sources in one overview. You can also have actions performed in a controlled manner in another system via your customer portal, for which you prefer not to give direct access to your customer.

We do everything we can to make sure you don't lose time manually transferring data from or to another platform, which is also not an error-free and not a scalable solution.

sevendays web applicatie api

Step 5: reporting

You know best which reports and charts make sense for you and your customers. We ensure that everything is automatically displayed in a clear way and brought together on a filterable dashboard.

Automatic notifications or emails can also be provided as desired.

Ready to take matters into your own hands and go for your own customer portal?

Book a demo without any obligation with one of our experts to look at your specific situation.


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