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10 November 2022

HELP! I can't customize this button on our website :-(

Frustrations such as "we can't adjust this ourselves, we always need the website builder for that".

cms toolkit wordpress


There are regular requests from customers to build a new website to replace their old website.

Frustrations that arise about the CMS (Content Management System) are: “we can't adjust this or that ourselves, we always need the website builder for that”. With “this or that” is then referred to a certain part or functionality such as a button that cannot be added or a logo that cannot be modified, etc.

All websites look the same

There is also an urge to make a difference as a company between the digital uniformity (“all websites look the same”) by making a strategic creative difference. However, we regularly see two separate worlds: the designer who creates a beautiful and unique design and the effective implementation and management of it. The Content Creator is provided with a CMS with stiff templates, clumsy forms or a complex editor to build the web pages. Creative freedom is usually very limited or complex to apply.

Why does the world need another Content Management System?


We are all familiar with the popular CMS Wordpress or Drupal and platforms such as Squarespace or Wix.

We call this a “bundled solution” with a fast time to market and a relatively cheap initial start-up.

Unfortunately, you cannot always fit your company, service, design or integrations into a “bundled solution”.

But don't worry: you can solve this by adding pieces of custom development and extension modules.

Depending on how much of this you need, it becomes more and more complicated for the Content Creator to manage content and for the website builder to optimize performance, security and maintenance.

cms toolkit wordpress plugins

User centered

We have so many diverse customers with so many different needs where a “bundled solution” is usually not the best choice.

If you start with no assumptions and no default content types, you start with a clean base.

The user (Content Creator) is central to us. We create a custom management environment that is sleek, simple, intuitive, powerful, easy to use, elegant and highly reliable.

Own your digital presence!

We do this by using a toolkit to “build” your CMS, putting together your own CMS.

We provide only the functions that you need, for example:

  • navigation: the front-end navigation can be aligned with the navigation in the management environment

  • management tables: overviews to list content according to your wishes

  • page building blocks: flexible dummy-proof page elements as they make sense and are useful to you

  • visual editor: conveniently place the page building blocks in the right place via drag & drop

  • media: library, manual cropping and/or fixed crops, automatic scaling and compression

  • Responsive Preview: view and test how your page looks on a smartphone, tablet and desktop

  • multilingual: built-in from the ground up, for both content and system texts

  • version control: compare different versions of a page, visually side by side

  • access rights: different rights for different user roles

cms toolkit visual builder

Sounds like a custom solution, am I "tied" to Sevendays?

Luckily not :wink:

We use a PHP framework that is widely used. There are over 6 million PHP developers worldwide so don't worry!

Do you also want to be in full control of your own website?

Book a demo without any obligation with one of our experts to look at your specific situation.


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